My lifestyle journey

I love the LS and creating content. I was creating content since I started my LS journey three years ago, I had all these sexy ass photos/videos on my phone. Then one day a photographer told me about Onlyfans, so I figured I would give it a shoot. Hey I’m already making this content for free, might as well make some drinking money.

I have made 2166 posts with 3000+ pictures and 600+ videos. Almost all of my content is from random lifestyle encounters. My content includes huge 24 people orgies, G/G, MMF, FFM, BBC, Hotel Orgies, and plenty more. I’m always always down to do custom content for my fans.

Swinging FAQ's

One night about 4 years ago my husband and I went out to do some bar hopping downtown Orlando. While we were walking to a new bar, I ran into a childhood friend of mines. I’ve always been attracted to girls but never acted on it other than some light kissing while out drinking with the girls.

Well this night was different, I don’t recall who came on to whom, but my childhood friend and I were just going at it in the ladies bathroom. From there we continued to all hang out together and continue pounding down more shots. 

When it was 2am and all the bars started to close I had the bright idea of continuing this party at home. Of course my husband had no ideas with this idea. He offered up to drive her car home because me and him Uber’d.

When we get into my house, my hubby runs into the bathroom. The few friends that came back with us were in the livingroom. I head into the master bedroom where my husband was using the bathroom. When he came out that’s when I just asked him if he wanted to fuck her.

Obviously I asked her before I asked him. My husband didn’t even ask me twice, “Are you sure” he just jumped straight at the chance.

I won’t lie, it was superhot watching my man fuck another woman but I did have some mix emotions afterwards.

From this point on, I realized I do enjoy watching my man with other woman. One day my man asked if I wanted to check out a swingers club, I guess he did some research after this first threesome we had.

It’s been a crazy journey of doing new things from that first FFM threesome till now.

Many people are sexually curious. After all, variety is the spice of life! My hubby and I are in healthy relationships and comfortable exploring sex with others, we don’t use swinging as a replacement for each other just an added bonus.

After a play session with someone else, I always enjoy reconnecting with my man.

let me break it down another way. What’s your favorite food? Is steak and potatoes your favorite thing to eat? Well you might love steak and potatoes but don’t you want to try something new every once in awhile?

Of course we have rules, while the number of our rules have dropped substantially we still have two major rules left.

  1. Condoms: We always play safe. I won’t lie, when we first got into the lifestyle there was a few couples we would play without condoms. But with us doing Onlyfans and swinging, it’s just too much chances of catching something.
  2. No Feelings: I love swinging, we love out friends we have made but the most important thing is the connection I have with my husband. We both feel the same way about each other, we don’t want to let another couple or person come in between our relationship. That is why we have this rule and why we don’t do anything like going on private dates all the time with other people.

The lifestyle is open to anyone but won’t lie, it’s not easy as a single guy. Single guys have to pay a bunch more to get into clubs and not all clubs even let single guys in there. Also a lot of couples don’t even play with single guys.

Our dating profile on a swinger website typically says NO SINGLE GUYS, when I do play with a single guy it’s typically at a house party where they were vetted before hand.

Tons of guys think swinger girls are super easy so they just want to hookup. While we love sex, I’m not trying to sleep with everyone. I always tell guys this, if they are the type to go to a regular bar and is afraid to approach woman than swinging isn’t for you either.

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Always enjoy responsibily.